The countdown has begun …

Posted By Larry Bud Meyer on Sep 21, 2013 | 1 comment

It’s the first day of autumn here in Rappahannock County. Drizzly, with gray clouds coming right down to the rock and oak. Little visibility. Gonna get chillier.

Appropriate conditions to match my mood:

* Truly excited, for at the computer next to me, Meyer Communications LLC just completed a test purchase of Mother Fracker on this very site! Thank you, MCLLC and Anne Robertson for your support.

* Scared stiff (more than my normal everyday stiffness) by the daunting list still ahead of us as we approach Launch Day, October 1, of this site and our pending Kickstarter campaign. We’re kicking the tires of the site today.

* Nervous beyond belief. I believe I can say the book is on press, ready for our initial orders to be printed and delivered. First batch is set aside for reviewers. The whole process of working with print on demand has been daunting. I’ve made many rookie mistakes, but the hard copy version’s good to go. Next up: the various ebook formats.

* Eager. Eager to have folks populate the site’s email sign-in to begin building the crowd of readers … supporters … the curious and committed, the skeptical and True Believers.

Enough for now. Back to work. But at least, officially, this first post says: Stay Tuned! Mother Fracker‘s on the way!

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  1. Open for business, are we? Good luck with all that. You are gonna need it, sucker.

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