Mother Fracker Cast of Characters

The Tyler Clan

John Tyler, 10th president of the United States. Deceased.

James Tazewell Tyler, the president’s son. A Civil War surgeon. Moved to California. Deceased.

Tazewell Randolph Tyler (Taz), the president’s grandson. Married Esperanza Obregon. Deceased.

James Tazewell Randolph Tyler (Jeter), married Sara Lincoln. Both deceased. Tip and Ting’s father.

Tippecanoe Tazewell Tyler, aka Tip, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, gentleman watchdog and brandy maker. Married Rennie O’Keefe (deceased). Married Virginie Paradis.

Madison Lightfoot Lee Tyler (Maddie), daughter. Chief Program Officer, Fairfax Grant Foundation.

Albemarle Randolph Tyler (Marley), daughter and Maddie’s twin. Globetrotting photographer.

Dolley Paine Madison Tyler (Ting), Tip’s sister. Matriarch of Fairleigh and famed beet grower.


The Paradis family

Virginie Paradis (Gini), French bureaucrat and Tip’s second wife.

Jacques Paradis, ciderist and Gini’s father. Deceased.


The O’Keefes

Slayton O’Keefe. Tip’s teenaged friend. Deceased.

Rennie O’Keefe. Tip’s first wife. Deceased.


The Thursday Irregulars

Walker Longwood, a beekeeper.

Provo Starke, a rancher.

Fran McKinney, Rappahannock County sheriff.

Gus Martini, owner, Martini Vineyards.

Tip Tyler.


Green Valley Resources

Roxanna Raye Bleigh (Roxx). Engineer, project manager for Green Valley Resources.

Bill Dinwiddie, department head.

Malcolm X Jones, deputy project manager.

Rich Krause, Exploration department.


The Bleighs

Roxx Bleigh, project manager.

U.S. Army Capt. Ralph Bleigh, Army intelligence. Father.

Barbara Bleigh. Mother.


The Spinks

Jeremiah Spink, homesteader and builder of original Fairleigh. Deceased.

Gen. Fletcher Spink. Appomattox veteran. Deceased.

Burleson Spink Sr., drilled well at Burlwood. Deceased.

Burleson Spink, older brother.

Woodrow Spink, younger brother.


The Lopez Family

Domingo Lopez (Sunday), longtime handyman at Fairleigh.

Josefina Lopez, pastry chef at Inn at Kelly’s Ford.

Ricardo Lopez, Wakefield school student, lacrosse star.

Enrique Lopez, Wakefield school student, lacrosse star.


The Ladies Who Lunch

Arva Jones, a former D.C. publicist.

Jaye Holland, co-owner, Holland Emporium.

Britt Schaefer, owner of Britt’s on Main restaurant.

Claire Hargadon, artist.

Ellen Martini, Martini Vineyards.

Ann Schneider, sous chef, Inn at Little Washington.

Heather Mack, the mayor’s wife.

Caroline Comer, Reporter columnist.

Beth Hinson, conservationist.

Margaret Prost, the senator’s daughter-in-law.

Ting Tyler.

Fran McKinney.

Marley Tyler.


The Journalists

Paul Schaefer, editor, The Rappahannock Reporter.

Andrew Forster, publisher, The Reporter.

Asa Youngblood (Acey), Reporter photographer-reporter.

Caroline Comer, Reporter columnist.

Kelso Arbuckle, editor, The Mosbyville Monitor.

Kevin King, photographer, Monitor.


The Restaurateurs

The Chef. Proprietor, Inn at Little Washington.

Big Jim Jay, owner, Country Café.

Linda Jay, his wife.

Michelle, Country Café waitress.

Josefina Lopez, pastry chef, Inn at Kelly’s Ford.

Ann Schneider, sous chef, Inn at Little Washington.

Britt Schaefer, Britt’s on Main, wife of editor Paul Schaefer.


The Politicians

Milton V. Smythe, Mosby County supervisor and publisher, The Mosbyville Monitor.

Rep. Robert Morris (R.-N.C.).

Rep. Wellington Harm (R-Va.)

The Senator, Evan Prost, retired U.S. senator from Minnesota.

Leroy Jenkins, Rappahannock County supervisor.

Malcolm Martin, Rappahannock County supervisor.

Al German, Rappahannock County administrator.

Dave Walton, Commonwealth’s attorney.



Cletus Mahan, postmaster, pastor at Hannah Run Meeting House, Tip’s neighbor.

Miles Massie.

The Maestro.

Les Leong, Maddie Tyler’s beau. Undersecretary of Energy.

Lt. Joe Elliot, Rappahannock County Sheriff’s office.

Alvaro Ugarte, President and CEO, Fairfax Grant Foundation.


The Tanker Drivers

Hank Cody.

Jamie Burnham.