It’s the fracking truth!

Posted By Larry Bud Meyer on Jul 24, 2013 | 0 comments

In the last two days alone:

* We hit a deer heading home last night on Tiger Valley Road. The night before I just missed hitting a cute little speckled fawn. So when you read the first chapter, know this: That kind of thing does indeed happen in Rappahannock.
* I was referred to as the Carl Hiaasen of Rappahannock County. (h/t Walter). Can I ever meet such expectations?
* An author/writer I repect said with a smile: “Best book title ever!” Thank you, Clay. From your lips to God’s ear.
* We uploaded the final file to the printer, the HD video to Kickstarter and the email plug-in to the site. We’re practically in business.
* Speaking of business, one of these days I’ll start the day by returning to writing a new chapter in the next novel instead of serving as president/publisher/publicist/marketer/fund-raiser/scheduler/techie/producer/scold. The job description that goes with self-publishing.

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