“Mother Fracker” goes back to its roots … and on the air!

Posted By Larry Bud Meyer on Apr 15, 2014 | 0 comments

IMG_0064On the same day I heard that Mother Fracker will air on “The Book Report” (www.bookreportradio.com) as the anchor of Saturday’s Earth Day special (WABC Radio, NYC and elsewhere), I got an unexpected surprise from France in an email from fellow author Richard Paradise (the upcoming Living Life Riverside).

Cousin Dick” clearly planned ahead for his travels with siblings Robert Paradise and Julie Clark. The trio of cousins were visiting NW France and the family homestead of the Paradis clan in the village of St. Germaine de Martigny (their dad Al and my mother Joan Paradise Meyer were the eldest in their family). MF readers will recognize the names of Jacques and Virginie Paradis — he the artisanal Calvados maker who schools Tip Tyler in the craft, she Tip’s second wife and Harvard playmate. Real-life Paradis clan members came to Canada in 1609 on the Canadian Mayflower.

Pretty thoughtful of Richard to include MF in his baggage, no?

Richard also offered up praise for the “excellent work and entertaining story” he found in Mother Fracker. I have similar praise for Richard’s upcoming saga of his family’s adventure as innkeepers in small-town Colorado.

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