I get a Kick(starter) out of you …

Posted By Larry Bud Meyer on Oct 1, 2013 | 2 comments

I know, that’s lame. It’s early.

But this web site is officially open for business!

So is the Kickstarter.com campaign to raise awareness and find the Mother Fracker crowd. Visit Kickstarter and type in my name, Bud Meyer, or the project’s title: I’ve Written a Fracking Book! If dozens of people will make pledges, no matter how small, we’ll reach our goal by Halloween of $4,500.

And Kickstarter offers the best way to get a signed, first-edition hard cover version of the book from the author. There’s other bling, ranging from buttons (I was gonna call ’em badges, but we don’t want no stinkin’ badges!) to T-shirts to locavore dinners.

Make a pledge. Support the arts. Tell your friends. Buy one for your mother!


  1. What a fantastic concept and fun project!!!

    Good luck Larry Bud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to helping you in any way possible!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Dennis, thanks for your generosity! We’re having fun here … working out some kinks.

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