Ringing in a new year … and back to a new title

Posted By Larry Bud Meyer on Dec 31, 2013 | 0 comments

We were reading the paper in the garden after waking up late on New Year’s Eve (as this evening’s hosts, we’re on duty). I reminded Anne we only had a few more hours left in the old year, and the conversation turned to the year’s highlights. No. 1 on my list: Becoming a published author with a novel I’m really proud of — Mother Fracker.

I spent yesterday updating the file with some eagle-eyed edits and suggestions from loyal readers — proof that the editing and writing is never really complete. Thanks to Mel and Kaye in particular for sharp comments.

I end the year pleased with the way things turned out and what I’ve learned in the process. We started Morningside Press in 2013, and that’ll have lasting value for years to come.

Tomorrow, just as I did as 2012 began, I’ll sit down here on Jan. 1 morning to start writing. Two years ago it was MF. At the time, I had no idea how it would end up. Now I’m already 10 chapters in to the next novel in the Tip Tyler series, tentatively titled Along Came a Cider. (BTW, what do you think of the name?)

If you’ve found your way here, thanks. Keep coming back … read, enjoy, comment. Share it with others. If you’ve read the book, please go to Amazon and offer up a brief review. Or join the Goodreads community and friend me there. The more, the better.

Most of all, have a safe and happy New Year.

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