Favorite Miami Book Fair moments, Top Ten

Posted By Larry Bud Meyer on Nov 19, 2013 | 1 comment

On the 30th anniversary of the Miami Book Fair International,here’s a quick and very random Top Ten list:

10. Sneaking in the back door with Neil and Alyce (her DDA clout) to score prime seats for Tom Wolfe in 2012. (Alas, Tom was a sheep in Wolfe’s clothing).

9. Long before married life … realizing what a great date event the book fair was for a confirmed bachelor dude.

8. Taking cousin Dan Meyer to the fair and seeing his amazement and appreciation for what a big deal it is.

7. Chatting with Randy Wayne White years ago … somewhere in between his days as columnist for the Fort Myers News-Press and his emergence as a behemoth.

6. Dave Barry and Ridley Scott riffing off each other.

5. The serendipity of running into old friends and colleagues — Carlos Verdecia, pro example, and Sen. Bob Graham and Adele — on the streets of the fair.

4. Watching True Floridian Bob Morris on a panel with a couple of crime writers. They’re forgotten. Our friendship with Spiritual Advisor lives on. Still love his character Zach.

3. The hospitality room.

2. Seeing how the vast turnout for brother-in-law Alan Gerson for his Habeas Corpus collection forced a move to a larger room. (We think it has to do with Rabbi Gerson from Miami Beach).

And the No. 1 Miami Book Fair moment is …

1. This Saturday, Booth 222 on Writer’s Row. A first appearance as an author. But not the last.

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  1. Hope you’re recovering from writers’ cramp from all the autographs you musta been signing.

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