Dateline: New Orleans

Posted By Larry Bud Meyer on Oct 2, 2013 | 0 comments

The Garden District’s living up to its name here in New Orleans. I’m privileged to be here at my sister’s home. She got the family green thumb, and it’s apparent out the window with a drippy rain cleansing the fragrant sweet olive’s leaves.

I’m here to join the Communications Network’s 2013 version of the fall conference. ComNet’s come a loooong way under the stewardship of a committed board and great staff. I was briefly board chair as I made my transition from Knight Foundation to helping other foundations. It all provided fodder for Mother Fracker, of course. The very idea for the book came to me in the board room of a Pittsburgh foundation as I heard about the rise of fracking and its consequences in Pennsylvania.

I’ll meet some of organized philanthropy’s smartest folks later for drinks at the Sazerac Bar at the historic Roosevelt Hotel.

Can’t wait.

Added a reminder to the home page here to have folks go to to make pledges and join the campaign.

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